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Bunny's Fan Fiction Review


Explore with Bunny

 Bunny LOVES Fan Fiction Erotica almost as much as she loves kinky sex and play!
So in hopes of helping our PP listeners discover more sex positive ways to explore themselves, Bunny will review and rate her favs as well as listener suggest writings on the show and then we will put the links here!


Interruption (Star Wars)
* Thinkies            9 Marshmallows

* Immersibility   8 Marshmallows
* The Feels          1 Marshmallow
* Tingle Factor     9 Marshmallows 

Mouthy Miss Granger

• Thinkies:           9  Marshmallows
• Immersibility:   7  Marshmallows
• The Feels:         5  Marshmallows
• Tingle Factor:   9  Marshmallows

It All Goes Back to Bowlby
• Thinkies:            9   Marshmallows
• Immersibility:    6   Marshmallows
• The Feels:         10   Marshmallows
• Tingle Factor:    2    Marshmallows 

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